Saturday, March 11, 2017

Was the anus designed for anal sex?

This is a comment I received a while back in response to the "Exit Only" post.  I thought the question interesting enough that I wanted to post it, and my response on the main page.

I've found this blog, and this page in particular very interesting. Do you consider that there could be some element of design or purpose to the fit of the anus to the penis or is this just a fortunate accident? Whatever, it's reassuring to think that I'm not entirely alone in thinking along these lines. The doesn't appear to be a persuasive logical alternative, when you consider the many gynecological disorders experienced by women and the fact that the vagina actually only need to be used a very limited amount of times in order to fulfill its function. And on the other hand you have all these couples who attest that anal provides the greater pleasure for them. Why all the desire and interest if it is not a natural function? I'd love for you to explore this in another post and see if others share this view as I feel you only hinted at the possibility here.

  1. I think the function of the anus and rectum, that of retaining feces until such a time as it is to be expelled, are what make it better suited for frequent pleasurable sexual activity. The thicker, stronger muscle band around the anus cause it to be tighter, providing more stimulation, and to remain tight. Whereas the weaker, thinner muscle band of the vagina loses elasticity quickly, especially if a woman gives birth. Of course this is a common complaint of couples who practice vaginal sex.

    The rectal valves, and their ability to move closer to the anus allow them to be pushed down onto the man's cock. When done correctly, it feels similar to the most exquisite oral sex. In my experience with my wife, I think this is involuntary and happens just before and during orgasm. This stimulation is something the vagina cannot compare to and causes the man to experience more complete ejaculation.

    Speaking of more complete ejaculation, as I mentioned in the post, the rectum, being open ended also allows more complete ejaculation, as it allows the free flow of ejaculate beyond the rectal valves and into the woman's colon. The rectal valves then close as the man withdraws his cock, retaining his cum within her colon, where the beneficial compounds are best able be absorbed. Anal sex is far superior to the vagina in this regard, as the ejaculate is better retained and the colon provides for better absorption than the vagina.

    So, I don't know if the anus evolved (or was designed by a creator) for the purpose of more pleasurable sex that also enhances bonding more than that of vaginal sex. All I know is it unquestionably does.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Vaginal Abandonment

As we started our tenth year of anal only, I wanted to try and put a little effort into the BLOG and update everyone as to what has been going on with the wife and I.  Don't fear, we haven't decided to practice vaginal sex or something.  Actually, we've gone quite the other direction; we're calling it vaginal abandonment. 

About a year ago, my wife decided she no longer wanted any type of vaginal penetration whatsoever. For most of the time we've been having anal sex, she would often use a rabbit vibrator in her vagina while we had anal sex.  It went something like this:  If she wanted to get off quickly (we had someplace to be, we were both really tired, etc.) she would use the rabbit vibe during anal.  If she wanted to have a longer, more intense orgasm, she would have no vaginal/clitoral stimulation whatsoever.  The ratio was probably about 50/50.  Over time, it leaned a little more heavily toward no vaginal/clitoral stimulation (probably about 70/30).  One night she said she liked being able to get off quickly sometimes, but that she really didn't like the feeling of anything in her vagina.  We tried several small "clitoral vibrators," but it was difficult for either of use to hold it while having sex.  The clitoral stimulator of the rabbit vibrator was held against her clit by the portion in her vagina.  With a small clit vibrator, someone had to hold it.  So, I went online to see if there was a solution.  That's when I found a "butterfly" clitoral stimulator, like the one below. 

This provides her the clitoral stimulation she needs when she wants to get off quickly, without the distraction or discomfort of anything in her vagina.

After using this about 50% of the time for a month or so, she threw her rabbit vibrator in the trash.  She found her orgasms were more intense, much more like an anal only orgasm.  Now, she uses the Butterfly about 60% of the time with anal penetration. 

The real upside to this?  Our frequency of sex had gone down to about three or four times a week.  Since the introduction of the Butterfly, it's at least four or five times a week.  Many weeks, it's six or seven.

I've never been one of those who believes anal only means no vaginal or clitoral stimulation, just that sex does not include penile penetration of the vagina.  However, I can't help but admit a certain part of me is, not only glad my wife never wants anything in her vagina again, but somewhat turned on by the thought of "vaginal abandonment."  And our sex life is all the better for it. 

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Finally - Ass to Mouth

I can't believe it, but a couple of weeks ago while I was fucking my wife, I said I would give her $100.00 for shopping if she sucked my dick right then. I'd jokingly asked her in the past (and offered her more, mind you). This time she just said, "If you really want to do that, you don't have to give me anything."

We were on the side of the bed, with me standing, and her in the missionary position, while I held her legs with her knees at her chest, for deeper penetration. Just like that it happened. I removed my cock from her ass and she turned sideways on the bed to suck my cock. I fully expected her to inspect it first or give it a sniff. No, she just went down on it and sucked it with enthusiasm. She was surprised when I pulled my cock out of her mouth. She asked what was wrong. I told her nothing, but that I wanted to do it again. We went back and fourth five times before I came in her mouth.

The next day I asked her if she would ever consider doing it again. She said she really didn't mind it, and that she would be willing to do it once a week. We actually did it a couple of times a week for the next two weeks, and once the third week.

I never would have thought it would be something she would want to do for her. Then, the other night, she was really turned on. She was in the missionary position, and I was fucking her ass (of course), and she actually told me she wanted to suck my cock. I pulled my cock out of her ass and she immediately spun around and began sucking my cock in a way that almost made me blow my load. When she turned back around, her pussy lips were unusually engorged, and she was dripping wet. Her asshole literally pulsed, as if it were trying to suck something that wasn't there. When I stuck my cock back in her ass, she groaned and pulled me deeper into her as we both came. It was the best orgasm either one of us have had in a while.

I would never have thought my wife would let me do ass to mouth, let alone be turned on by it so much that she would want to do it to get herself off. I think it's safe to say ass to mouth will be a regular part of fucking from here on out.  

I already felt I was the luckiest man alive. I am constantly amazed I have a wife that only wants to have anal sex, and frequently at that. Now, she actually wants to do ass to mouth as part of it. Now I know I'm the luckiest man alive.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Changing People's Mindset

From a comment I recently received:

"I admit I've never tried anal but I'm curious enough to give it a try one day when I meet the right woman. Now, what I want to know is why you'd use anal as a substitute all the time? Wouldn't that get boring? I don't see the big attraction?"

I've never understood comments like this.  The anus is tighter, smoother, and has the ability to move in ways the vagina can't come close to, giving it the ability to stimulate a man's cock far better than the vagina.  It's a natural form of birth control that, when practiced correctly, is virtually 100% effective.

Anal sex has all of this, and more, over the vagina, as I've documented in other posts.  Still, you never hear anyone say, "Vaginal?  Wouldn't that get boring all the time?" 

Why is this, you ask?  Social conditioning.  When you've been conditioned your entire life to think something is normal, and something else is not, it's hard to see past what you have come to accept is fact.  People don't even realize it.

What's the big attraction?  Anal sex is better than vaginal sex for the purpose of pleasurable sexual activity.  Vaginal?  It's the hands down winner when it comes to procreation...  Other than that, "I don't see the big attraction."

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Anal Only Lifestyle Forums

There is a new forum dedicated to the discussion of the anal only lifestyle.  I always wanted to start a forum, as it allows more interaction then a BLOG, but time never permitted.  Now someone else has.  It can be found at:

I highly encourage anyone interested in discussing (or just reading) more about the anal only lifestyle to take a look.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Exit Only?

In response to the last post I received the following:

"It's an exit not an entrance. His wife is obviously suffering enough without making her do something painful and unnatural. Many people have discovered to their cost too late how harmful this activity can be, you only have to speak to any doctor about it.  This woman needs counselling and support not abuse."

Oh please, many women find anal sex a pleasurable alternative to vaginal when health issues cause vaginal sex to be uncomfortable.

As far as the, "It's an exit" argument, what is there about the design of the anus and rectum that makes one assume this?  To the contrary, if you look at the below illustration, which is shaped more like a penis, the vagina or the rectum?  Which one is open ended and looks like it could accommodate a larger penis?  The vagina is closed ended.  It can be uncomfortable or even painful for a woman if a man hits the back wall of her vagina during intercourse.  If a man ejaculates while the head of his penis is against the wall of the vagina, it can be difficult to ejaculate fully.  He may even experience a retrograde ejaculation, where semen is forced into the urinary tract.  As the rectum is open ended, the man can penetrate the woman fully and experience complete ejaculation.  As well, as the rectum is tighter, the woman can feel each surge of the man as he ejaculates.

As my wife and I have been having anal sex for nearly 22 years, I'm just wondering when this harm will come to her?

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Reader Letter: Substitute Anal for Vaginal?

An anonymous reader recently sent me this:

"I have a question or two that I haven't found the answers to here or anywhere else. My wife unable to have vaginal sex at all do to severe medical complications, a situation which has put extreme strain on our marriage. Is it possible that anal sex would make a satisfactory substitute in our relations?  Two issues really concern me. Is it really possible for women to genuinely enjoy anal sex? As I don't want her to be suffering, but to be able to look forward to sex as much as she used to. The other question is if so will she want to or be able to have sex as often as she likes?"
I sincerely believe anal sex is the answer you and your wife have been looking for. I don't think that you'll think of it as a substitute for vaginal sex, but as something even more intimate.  Anal sex requires more trust, and that you be in tune with one another's bodies more so than vaginal sex.

I can assure you that, properly introduced, your wife can enjoy anal sex even more than she did vaginal sex.  Once her body adjusts, she will be able to have anal sex as often as the two of you would like.  My wife and I have exclusively had anal sex three to five times a week for over six years now.  Prior to that, we usually started with vaginal sex then ended with anal.  In our 22 years of marriage, we've had far more anal sex than vaginal because we find it far more intimate and enjoyable.

Please keep me updated and let me know if you need any advice on introducing anal to her and helping her adjust.